This is a free translation/resumée of the terms of sale of the Auction House “Antiche Glorie”: the Italian text only is valid in case of any dispute or issue.

The Auction Firm Casa d'Aste del Marchesato di Saluzzo s.a.s., is called "Antiche Glorie" hereinafter.

  1. Sales are based on the highest bidder and "cash-down".
  2. The auction will be preceded by exhibition of the items on sale during which the Auctioneer or his assistants will be at the disposal of the public for all information;
    this exhibition has the aim to permit assessment of the preservation state and quality of the items and to explain any errors or inaccuracies as may have occurred during the preparation of the catalogue. No objections may be raised after adjudication.
  3. As to the authenticity and attribution of the auctioned articles, Antiche Glorie undertakes no responsibility since our Firm only acts as an agent without representation of the owners of the auctioned goods and has no rights or obligations of its own.
  4. Any dispute on this subject shall be first of all settled on a scientific base between a consulting expert of Antiche Glorie and an export of the same professional level designated by the customer and shall be raised within eight days after adjudication. Upon expiry of this term, no dispute or claim will be possible. Any claim recognized as being valid will only be settled by reimbursement of the actually paid amount with the exclusion of any further demand.
  5. The Auctioneer may accept commissions for the purchase of works of art at well defined prices based upon a mandate and may formulate bids on behalf of Third Parties.
  6. During the auction, bids may be tendered by telephone which may or may not be accepted by the auctioneer at the unquestionable decision of Antiche Glorie and transmitted to the Auctioneer at the Bidder's risk. The Auctioneer is entitled to combine or separate lots or to modify the sales sequence.
  7. The items are adjudicated by the Auctioneer; in case of objections or disputes regarding the adjudication the disputed item is once more put up for auction during the same session based upon the latest accepted bid.
  8. Before entering the auction room, customers who want to participate in the auction of any lot, shall ask for assignment of a "personal number", which will be distributed by Antiche Glorie to whom the customer shall give his personal data and address based upon his identification documents. Prospective bidders may be asked to supply bank references or equivalent guarantees for payment of the adjudication price and fees. Customers interested in the purchase of weapons or their components shall submit the essential elements of the documents that entitles them (gun licence or authorization for the collection of antique weapons or their policy licence). Antiche Glorie reserves the right to exclude from partaking in the auction any individuals disturbing the auction or doing business in the auction room or who are in delay in their payments of the amounts due for any reasons whatsoever or who have a contention procedure whether in or out of Court with Antiche Glorie. At the time of adjudication, those who have not yet provided shall communicate their personal particulars and address to Antiche Glorie.
  9. The Auction fees (buyer’s premium) amounting to 25% of the hammer price shall be added to the adjudication price and include all taxes. Any further charge regarding the purchase such as shipping costs and import taxes will be at the assignee’s charge.
  10. Upon adjudication, the Purchaser shall pay an advance and complete his payment before he may remove the goods at his own care, risk and charge, within eight days after conclusion of the sale. Upon expiry of this term, Antiche Glorie will be freed from any and all responsibility vis-à-vis the assignee regarding a possible deterioration or depreciation of the auctioned goods and will have the right to claim payment of safe custody charges for each lot in addition to the reimbursement of any warehousing costs. Any risk regarding loss or damage to the adjudicated goods will be transferred to the purchaser at the moment of adjudication. The Purchaser may obtain delivery of the goods only after he has paid the purchase price and any other commission, cost or refund due.
  11. With regard to the items subject to notification in compliance with article 3, 4, and 5 of the Italian Law n°1089 dated June 1, 1939, the Purchasers shall comply with all relevant provisions of the laws in force. In case of exercise of pre-emption rights by the State or Government, the assignee cannot claim from Antiche Glorie or from the Seller any reimbursement of interests on the price and on the auction commission already paid. The export of items by the Purchaser, whether or not residing in Italy, is governed by art. 36 of the above-mentioned Law and by the applicable Customs' and Monetary Regulations

    This is the reason why the export of items dating more than 50 years is always subject to a licence issued by the competent Authorities
  12. These Regulations are automatically accepted by all persons partaking in the bidding, also those who are participating in the auction by telephone, in writing or through live auction.
  13. The estimated values reported in the catalogue are expressed in Euro.
  14. The Court in Genoa will be the only Court having jurisdiction for any and all disputes concerning business transactions between Antiche Glorie and its clients.
  15. All communications regarding the sales shall be by Registered Letter and Return Receipt addressed to:
    Casa d'Aste del Marchesato di Saluzzo s.a.s., Via Cambiano 11, 12037 Saluzzo CN, Italy

If the purchaser is unable to personally collect the purchased lots, courier shipment can be organised subject to completing and signing our form, that we can send upon request and that must be returned to us before the shipment date.