Where a reserve price on the object and the auction details have been defined with the vendor, a contract of sale must be drawn up with Casa d'Aste del Marchesato di Saluzzo s.a.s., also known as "Antiche Glorie". The vendor will be charged 20% commission on the hammer price (VAT is included under the margin scheme).

Transport, insurance and the costs sustained by the Auction House to authenticate items with the relevant archives are payable by the vendor, regardless of the result of the sale.

Payment of the proceeds of the auction will be credited to the vendor 60 working days after the sale, excluding fees and expenses, provided that the buyer has satisfied the obligation assumed at the time of the auction and that there have been no complaints or claims concerning the sold objects and that, in the case of a sale abroad, that both payment has been received and exportation permit obtained.

In the event of an item/s failing to sell, the vendor is obliged to remove the unsold lots from the Auction House premises, unless prior agreement has been make with Antiche Glorie to reduce the reserve price in order to have further attempts at selling the items in a future auction or private sale.